Welcome To Our Mission & Vision

THE DOLL HOUSE CORPORATION (DHC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 program aimed at enhancing self-esteem in girls ages 8 and up through dolls and the arts. We believe girls love and care for their dolls so we aim to channel that love into a mirror of themselves to enhance their inner beauty and build strOmg leaders of the community.  

DHC is motivated by the belief that growing up can be challenging and we have the tools to raise healthy strong leaders. Girls should love themselves and others no matter what their circumstances.  We believe that through doll care and the arts they will gain the right knowledge and have a sense of pride about themselves as we use these tools for growth. DHC promotes early career goals, literacy, community engagement and mental health awareness. The program is centered around different themes such as, Self-care and Holistic Healing, Career Building, Spoken Word, Creative Arts, Positive Image Campaigns and Photo shoots. We will help them trust their own being to be life affirming and their self-esteem will be enhanced. They will be responsible, trustworthy members of the community and advocating for themselves and others. We welcome girls of all ages, race, colors, and religions, and genders.   

We encourage the girls to stay on their chosen career path as they become strong leaders of the future.



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Girls chances of graduating high school and going on to college to full fill their positive goals in life are very high participating in programs that build self-esteem.

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