Welcome To Our Mission & Vision


  Our Mission: THE DOLL HOUSE CORPORATION (DHC) is a program that uses doll play and the creative arts to heal families who are impacted by trauma.  We are a non-profit 501(c)3 program located in Dorchester MA.  Our program serves families, women and girls experiencing the desire to build healthy relationships that may have been loss through trauma. 

 Our Vision: DHC is motivated by the belief that creative play with dolls have the ability to connect healthy pathways of learning and build strong leaders and healthy families.  The mother/daughter bond is critical to the community and opportunities to build that bond can happen no matter what their circumstances.  When utilizing dolls women and girls see positive images of themselves.  

 Our Programs and Services: Our programs and services are consistent, fun, educational and healing.  We focus on Mental Health Awareness, Family Bonding, Self-care, The Creative Arts and Career Building. 



  • Inspiring Women Stories

    Learn about women like Maya Angelou and Madame C.J. Walker and how they overcame the odds.

  • Fashion & Culture

    Africa has a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in its clothing. It is known for beautiful print designs, vibrant colors, and bold designs. The colors give it a festive feel, and the style is sleek and elegant. Explore our beautiful Photoshoot of African clothing and other events.

  • Guiding women and girls through their career path.

    We have over 30 career topics for women and girls to explore, while using dolls and vision boards as tools.

  • Janice V. Johnson, Founder & Royal Doll Executive Director

    Kali Geddes, MSW, Sister Doll of Role Play Therapy

  • Debra Covington, Queen Doll Treasurer

    Natasha Carrington, Sister Doll and Spiritual Adviser

  • Janice L. Adams, Sister Doll Secretary

Thank you for exploring,